Big Dutchman introduces Gladiator turkey feeder

14-02-2012 | | |
Big Dutchman introduces Gladiator turkey feeder

Gladiator is Big Dutchman’s newly designed feed pan for rearing and growing turkeys. Great importance was attached to the high stability of the pan and its cleanability to reduce the amount of labour required after the grow-out.

The pan is suited for both rearing and growing – the pan bottom can easily be exchanged. The pan diameter for rearing is 395 mm, whereas for growing it is 470 mm. It has a manual or central flooding mechanism for a high feed level. This allows optimum start for the poults.

The pan has an anti-scratch ring to prevent feed wastage. It is swinging and rotating on the pipe which prevents chest bruising. Moreover, because it rotates, the pan is easy to clean.

Since the flooding slide is charged with weights, the birds are unable to accidentally adjust the feed level. Seven different feed level heights can easily be adjusted. The pan is available for 45, 50.8 mm and 60 mm pipe diameters.

The high-quality plastic material is resistant against all standard cleaning agents and disinfectants. No tools are needed for assembly and disassembly.

Source: Big Dutchman