Bird flu cases in Israeli turkeys

13-03-2012 | | |
Bird flu cases in Israeli turkeys

Two instances of Highly pathogenic Avian influenza (H5N1) have been reported in Israel.


The outbreaks occurred on two separate commercial turkey farms in the Hadarom region. In the first case involving 12-week old turkeys, 19,000 birds were susceptible and 10,0000 have been culled.

The second case involved 8-week old turkeys and mortality was found in two pens where 11,000 birds were susceptible.

The epidemiological investigation is ongoing and biosecuirty measures are in place including quarantine of the infected farms and movement control inside the country.

Almost all the cases of H5N1 that have ever been in Israel occurred in March. Israel is also battling several cases of Newcastle Disease which was first reported in the country towards the end of last year, with over 55,000 birds still susceptible according to the OIE.

Source: OIE