Bounty Fresh appointed as Indian River Grandparent customer

30-03-2012 | | |
Bounty Fresh appointed as Indian River Grandparent customer

Bounty Fresh, the second largest poultry producer in the Philippines and winner of several prestigious national awards in the poultry industry, has signed an agreement to be an Indian River Grandparent customer in February, 2012.

Bounty is privately owned company with a national business and distribution network in the Philippines. The company sells a wide range of chicken products and has also developed a well-known line of processed products under the Bounty Fresh brand which includes hotdogs, cold cuts, nuggets and sausages.

The company continues to strengthen its market presence, has continually upgraded operations and it demonstrated this strategy by embarking in 2008 on an oven roasted chicken business called “Chooks To Go” which has grown to be the country’s number one rotisserie chicken chain.

Indian River will become 25% of the Bounty Fresh business in 2012 and forecasts further growth over the ensuing period. The appointment of Bounty Fresh fits well with the growing reputation of Indian River in the market. Bounty is the third grandparent customer to have signed on with Indian River since March, 2011. The product now has major customers in Pakistan, Korea and the Philippines supporting its growth. Companies in each market will be fully supported by a dedicated Indian River Technical Service team led by the technical service manager, Esmi San Pedro.