BPC warns consumers of chicken price rises

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BPC warns consumers of chicken price rises
BPC warns consumers of chicken price rises

UK poultry organisations have been warning retailers and consumers that due to the continuing problems affecting feed availability, rises in the price of poultry products is unavoidable.

New figures from the National Farmers Union show that wheat yields in England are down by almost 15% on the five-year average, with productivity down to 1980s level. In part this has been caused by the second wettest summer in the UK since records began (according to Met Office statistics), which follow the worst drought in the US in 50 years and a heat wave in Russia.

“The costs of wheat, soyameal and corn – which are the key feed ingredients for the poultry industry and a number of other sectors – have increased significantly this year,” said BPC Chief Executive Peter Bradnock.

“For several months we have warned that British poultry producers are under real pressure from global factors and are pleased that the British Retail Consortium has accepted this will lead to a rise in shop prices. If consumers are to continue to enjoy the secure supply of British poultry, food prices need to accurately reflect cost increases.”

Source: British Poultry Council

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