Brazil, chicken meat exports average price down

09-08-2011 | | |

For the second month in a row, the average price per tonne for Brazilian chicken meat exports experiences a downturn – a 2% contraction compared to June.

This is the first time, since 2009, that the price of Brazilian exports retrocede. The present downturn is similar to that observed on the eve of the 2008 world financial crisis, a phenomenon the Brazilian poultry industry has been interpreting as a simple coincidence, though.

Coincidence or not, the US’s debt crisis added to the difficulties faced by some Euro-zone countries, the slowdown in the Chinese growth rates and the time-demanding effort for Japan to put its economical activity back to pre-tsunami level have, altogether, contributed to build up a presently fragile environment, thus raising the international economic scenario alert to red level.

Therefore, at this moment, precaution becomes worldwide top-priority.

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