Brazil improving meat quality for Russia

07-07-2011 | | |

Brazilian authorities are making efforts to increase the quality of the meat that is exported to the Russian federation. This also applies to poultry.

The number of Brazilian companies importing meat to Russia has dropped to 143. Brazil carried out an audit of 236 companies and struck 93 companies off the list of suppliers because they cannot meet Russia’s veterinary standards, according to a spokesman for Russia’s Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service. Talks between the veterinary service and the Brazilian griculture Ministry began earlier this week in Moscow.
Brazil provided a report outlining steps taken to eliminate shortcomings identified by the veterinary service and announced that it had replaced veterinary service chiefs in two states and made other staff changes. Brazilian authorities have allocated USD 32 million toward laboratory facilities to check meat products going to Russia and other countries in the Customs Union. Two groups of specialists will be set up for company inspections and laboratory monitoring, and they will consult on a regular basis to deal promptly with any issues that arise.
Brazil is one of Russia’s leading meat suppliers. The Institute of Agricultural Marketing reports that, in 2010, Brazil accounted for 35 percent of pork imports (215,000 tons), 45 percent of the beef imports (269,000 tons) and 19 percent of poultry imported (121,000 tons).

Ad Bal Freelance journalist
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