Brazil’s poultry sector see’s new potential in 2013

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Brazil s poultry sector see s new potential in 2013
Brazil s poultry sector see s new potential in 2013

UBABEF, Brazil’s poultry association, has released the 2012 statistics for the country’s poultry production, which have shown a drop of 3.17% (12.645 million tonnes) compared to 2011. However the association predicts a 3% rise in both production and export for chicken meat in 2013.

According to UBABEF the fall in production was due to high feed costs, which resulted in several businesses stopping. However 2013 looks brighter for the industry, with higher grain production predicted and future contracts for corn and soybeans have indicated that the prices below those of 2012, which negatively impacted the industry. Though a return to historical levels is not expected.

On the other hand the potential for 2013 means the industry can grow. USABEF plans to put international marketing initiatives in place that will span 11 countries:

● participation in important international fairs and workshops in France, UAE, China, Japan and South Africa;

● opening the market in India

● opening of new markets such as Nigeria and Algeria in Africa (the continent that will receive special focus on actions this year), and Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia, Asia.

Brazil has maintained its position as the largest exporter and third largest producer of chicken, behind the United States and China.


Source: UBABEF

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