BRF connects farms and agtechs

05-06-2020 | | |
Linking and sharing data real time can improve work processes for both producer and integration. Photo: Koos Groenewold
Linking and sharing data real time can improve work processes for both producer and integration. Photo: Koos Groenewold

BRF (Brazil Foods) has implemented the use of an application to strengthen communication with integrated producers throughout Brazil. Currently 60% of farmers under contract are already connected and the plan is to link all 9500 of them to the systems within this year.

The “Plataforma Digital Agro” gets information such as the weight of birds, batch status, animal health, slaughter agenda, feed schedule and forecasts. The platform allows the processing of info using Artificial Intelligence and gives access in real time. Through the platform, producers also have access to new technologies and agile communication, mainly to help in management and production comparisons.

“Via Plataforma Digital Agro app, we hope to encourage approximately 9,500 integrated producers to interact with a quick exchange of information. Besides that, the app contributes to the chain, since the inputted data benefits everyone. That will help in decision making,” says Guilherme Brandt, director of agriculture at BRF. Previously, farmers had to input that information manually and the data was passed through the integration agent.

Instantaneous alerts for disease outbreaks

Going digital will speed up information transfer. For example, the app can alert farmers in case of a disease outbreak instantaneously or, even, exchange experiences about production. Available for download on all platforms, the producer can access training and is instructed to include and analyse the information on the dashboard, monitor priorities and ensure compliance with standards, evaluating indicators and acting on the prevention of possible animal diseases.


Recently, BRF also launched the BrfHub platform in order to connect the company with the agribusiness open innovation ecosystem. The initiative aims to select participants with the possibility to join the company’s chain, including agtechs. BrfHub will have stages for selecting partners, which includes a pitch day, an immersion week, the pilot project itself and the presentation of results. From this, those selected may receive a proposal to provide the solutions to the company. “The initiative came about to unite different innovative agents for the same purpose. We are looking for solutions for agribusiness, integrated producers, factories, warehouses, logistics. Everything from the field to the consumer’s table,” said Sergio Pinto, BRF’s Innovation Director.

Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil