Broiler flock award presented by Cobb

11-06-2007 | | |

Cobb Germany has awarded the first trophy to the Dekert and Taszarek family for the best broiler flock in Poland.

Iliana Dekert and Anna Taszarek beat the breed target, as well as benefited from a lower cost diet with their flock of 124,000 Cobb 500 broilers on the farm at Gospodarstwo Rolne.
The birds reached an average 2.668 kg at 41 days of age, with a livability of 97.6% and feed conversion of 1.74. To help combat high feed prices 20% whole wheat was fed to the broilers, lowering production cost and ensuring health.
Cobb Germany director James Truscott worked alongside the broiler farmers inside the chicken house, and also exchanged data by e-mail to ensure the birds were managed in the correct way. “Outstanding results have been achieved by fine tuning the feed, ventilation, lighting programs, temperature and general management procedures,” he said.
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