Budgets tighten – shoppers choose thighs over breasts

14-07-2008 | | |
Budgets tighten – shoppers choose thighs over breasts

In the UK, thrifty shoppers are choosing cheaper cuts of chicken, such as thighs, over breast meat.

Many consumers in the UK are facing higher overall food costs on top of soaring household bills, along with other rising expenses. These factors are causing many consumers to turn away from the popular, but now pricy chicken breast meat, and rather purchase cheaper cuts. This has led to a greater demand, and increase in sales, of the less expensive brown leg meat, reports the Daily Mail Reporter.
Campaigns throughout the UK are, however, still influencing consumers to buy only free-range chicken meat.
Waitrose says that sales of free-range chicken thighs and legs are soaring by 55% a year, whereas the purchase of breast meat is growing by just 10%.
Now, Waitrose will be the fist major retailer to sell brown free-range turkey thigh meat. ‘It is a cost-effective way to enjoy high-welfare, great quality food,’ said he retailer.
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