Can robots replace the farmer in the broiler house?

30-01-2015 | | |
Can robots replace the farmer in the broiler house?

Researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute evaluated the feasibility of using commercially available robotic systems to perform growout house management tasks.

The systems were outfitted with 2D and 3D sensors/cameras and operated in an experimental growout facility at UGA’s Poultry Research Farm in Athens, Georgia.

Video and audio data were collected with 500 birds for a 6-week growout cycle in a miniature-scale house.

Researchers developed and calculated metrics for the robotic systems and for humans, which allowed for quantitative analysis of the birds’ reactions to both. Results indicate that there is not a negative impact on the performance of the birds due to the operation of the robotic systems when compared to their reactions to humans.

Source: Georgia Tech Research Institute