Canada delivers first turkeys to Russian producer

11-06-2012 | | |
Canada delivers first turkeys to Russian producer

A Canadian turkey breeder has delivered its first shipment of young turkeys to Russia, with 25,000 birds being delivered to PenzaMolInvest in the Penza region.


“The breed of turkeys, White deep-chested Hybrid Converter, is the best choice for the

Russian climate. It also a has very high genetic potential” PenzaMolInvest stated on receiving the birds.

Canadian company, Cuddy Farms with more than 60 years specialising in breeding and supplying of turkey hatching eggs and young birds in 15 countries, was the supplier.

The next delivery is expected in early July 2012, which will be hatching eggs, because its transportation from Canada is much easier than the young turkeys.

“Our goal is to use established resources in the shortest time to develop the production system and to open up the genetic potential of the turkey cross,” said deputy director of PenzaMolInvest, Vladimir Mishelov. According to preliminary data the Penza region will become the largest producer of turkey in Russia.

The project for growing and processing turkeys at PenzaMolInves will have a full production cycle – hatchery, rearing, feeding, processing – and will be commissioned in phases during 2012.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov