Canned chicken to eliminate food poisoning

17-03-2008 | | |

With the aim of reducing the risk of campylobacter-related food poisoning cases in the country, a New Zealand company has launched a new idea – canned chicken.

Scoop Independent News has reported that New Zealand has the highest rate of Campylobacter food poisoning in the developed world, yet chicken continues to make up a third of the meat eaten in the country.
Now, the solution to this very persistent problem has reportedly been created by a New Zealand brand Chop Chop! Recognising a significant gap in the market, the brand has addressed spiralling rates of campylobacter by using tried and tested food processing technology – canning the chicken!
The new brand of Chop Chop! chicken is free from the risk of food poisoning, including Campylobacter because it is fully cooked – eliminating the risk of undercooking it, or of cross contamination from chopping boards and utensils when handling raw chicken. The quality and safety of every batch is confirmed through testing by AssureQuality New Zealand (formerly AgriQuality).
“Food poisoning is a very real health risk for thousands of Kiwis who enjoy eating chicken. Our chickens are barn raised and the canned chicken is fully cooked chicken breast that is both high in protein and low in fat and makes a perfect meal ingredient or snack for chicken lovers,” says Amanda Flockhart, Marketing Manager for Chop Chop!
This new innovation of canning chicken is apparently also drawing the attention of nutritionists, who see the product as an excellent source of protein without the high fat content.
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