CEVA Animal Health Indonesia conducts seminar

20-04-2010 | | |

Multinational animal health company CEVA Animal Health Indonesia (CEVA Indonesia) aims to strengthen the technical skills and farm management of their customers by routinely conducting technical seminars each year.

CEVA Indonesia recenlty conducted a seminar “Layer Day 2010” in 2 different cities in Indonesia for both layer breeders and commercial layer farmers. The first seminar was held in Jakarta on 13 April, and the second seminar was held in Kediri on 16 April.

The main topic of Layer Day 2010 was about “Egg Drop in Tropical Country”. Dr. Amanda Lim, Area Manager, of CEVA Animal Health Asia Pasific, and Dr. Marcelo Paniago, Regional Market Manager, Poultry, were invited to speak.

In the first seminar in Jakarta, Dr. Lim explained the global business development of CEVA Animal Health. “We concern in poultry sector. At this time, the position of our company globally is number 9 and we have grown until now,” she said, adding that CEVA Animal Health will expand its business in China and i splanning ot build a manufacturing plant in the region.

Dr. Paniago continued the seminar with his presentation about egg drop. He explained infectious causes of egg drop in layer. In order to complete all aspects of egg drop, CEVA Indonesia invited Tony Unandar, Local Private Poultry Farm Consultant to explain non-infectious causes of egg drop in layer.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist