Cherkizovo Group undergoes hatchery training

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Cherkizovo Group undergoes hatchery training

Staff from Russia’s Cherkizovo Group are the latest to undergo hatchery training with Aviagen specialist Dr Steve Tullett. Following the successful workshops carried out in Russia, Aviagen held another 2-day training session, this time at Cherkizovo’s Petelinskaya Hatchery and their Moscow headquarters.

The focus for the day was hatchery best practice, underlining that all hatchery actions, no matter how small, can have a dramatic effect on hatchability and future flock performance.

Petelinskaya hatchery manager Elena Stepanovna Pavlova: “Dr Tullett’s visit was extremely helpful for me and my hatchery. First of all, it was important to me to have confirmation from a specialist about the routines that I do correctly… Modern hatchery investigation practices, egg handling and disinfecting methods and focus on chick quality are the key aspects of the presentation that drew my attention because they have a close relationship with what we are trying to do here.”

In total 15 people attended the sessions with staff from the Penza and Chicken Kingdom operations joining their Moscow colleagues for the training. The first day focused on the classroom and theory while the second day saw everyone head into the hatchery to undertake some practical training and put theory into practice.

The presentation focused on modern hatchery techniques and data collection and analysis.

Danny Rotherham, Aviagen’s Area Technical Manager: “These sessions are vital to the future success of the industry here in Russia. With strict targets for local supply being set by the Russian government, passing on our knowledge and expertise, to help build a healthy and successful poultry industry in Russia is one of the best ways we can help.”

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