Chicago foie gras merchant profits from $250 fine

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Chicago foie gras merchant profits from $250 fine

Hot Doug’s became the first establishment fined under the ordinance banning the sale of foie gras.

Doug Sohn, owner of the eatery, agreed to pay a $250 fine for the first-time offense. Officials stated that the ordinance doesn’t carry much weight as Hot Doug’s most likely made more than the $250 fine off publicity.
Sohn had been itching for a fight ever since the Chicago City Council overrode Mayor Richard Daley who deemed the ordinance “a waste of time” and derided as the “silliest law that they’ve ever passed.” He had been issued a warning several months before being slapped with the citation, but continued to advertise foie gras ingredients on his Web site and on a board hung near his front door. Sohn had framed the letter from the city, warning him of possible punishment it and placed it beside the cash register.
The foie gras has been confiscated; and although Hot Doug’s list of daily specials on the Web site this week has several exotic offerings, including smoked alligator sausage with Cajun shrimp mayonnaise, foie gras is nowhere to be found.

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