Chicken-Duck to expand production in Russia

18-02-2015 | | |
pekin ducks
pekin ducks

Chicken-Duck Company is to expand its duck production in the Siberian part of Russia though the launch of a large-scale project to produce Peking duck of French breeding, according to a statement from representatives of the company.

The company already has a duck farm in the Russian Altai Krai with the capacity of 2,000 tonnes of poultry per year.

Expanding duck meat production by 9 times

The project will allow the expansion of current production volumes by 9 times within the coming five years. The company’s aim is to produce 18,000 tonnes of duck mean by 2020, thus becoming the largest producer of this type of meat in the Siberian part of Russia.

Building poultry housing for 7 million ducks per year

According to the representatives of the company Andrei Lobachevsky, the investment project involves the construction of a feedlot, poultry houses designed for 7 million heads of ducks per year, the incubator, and slaughterhouse with the capacity of 18,000 tonnes of meat in slaughter weight per year, feed plant with the capacity of 20 tonnes per hour and several grain storages.

Conquering broiler meat markets

The governor of the region Alexander Karlin stated that the project will let Altai Krai not only become self-sufficient in poultry meat, but facility large exports to the other Siberian regions. “For poultry production, including boiler meat, Altay Krai, currently, not only meets the needs of the regional market, but has also entered the market of the neighbour regions of Siberia,” he said.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent