Chicken Farmers of Canada launches new website

09-12-2010 | | |

Chicken Farmers of Canada has responded to the high expectations of Canadian consumers by creating a new web site, featuring a revamped, searchable recipe data base, shareable content, social media options and other special features.

The new moves away from its old corporate feel, with a highly stylized new look and feel; consumers can now easily access recipes, videos and nutritional information, as well as factsheets and other information.

“CFC has responded to consumers with a robust and rich new website that will meet the needs they told us they wanted us to fulfill,” said David Fuller, Chair of CFC. “They wanted something that spoke to them, and we’ve delivered. Now, they can engage in our conversations and share our recipes and information more easily than ever.”

Timed to launch in time for Christmas party planning and to help busy consumers put healthy meals on their tables, the new site is primed for success.

“We think our visitors will love it and we’re telling everyone we know to come see all the new tools, videos and other things we have created,” said Fuller.

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