Chicken firm mislabelling meat and eggs for over 10 years

26-10-2007 | | |

A food processing company in Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan, was recently inspected on suspicion of selling mislabelled smoked chicken meat and eggs.

According to officials, Hinaidori Co. advertised its smoked poultry products as being made from a particular breed of locally produced chicken, the Hinaidori chicken, but in fact, this special breed was not used.
President of the company, Seiichi Fujiwara, admitted that Hinaidori chickens were not use in any of its smoked meat and eggs, and that it began falsely labelling such products since more than 10 years ago.
It is also reported that Hinaidori sold the mislabelled products to various parts of the country, with sales of about 400 million yen (€2.45 million) for the year ending in March.
The company has stopped the production of smoked meat and eggs and has issued a recall of its products.