Chicken remains New Zealand’s favourite meat

06-10-2011 | | |

New Zealand Poultry Industry spokesman Michael Brooks says it’s no surprise that chicken remains top of the list of the country’s favourite dinners.

A recent Colmar Brunton survey of 1017 Kiwis found three of the top four choices at the New Zealand dinner table featured chicken.

“That reflects the ongoing popularity of chicken for New Zealand consumers,” says Brooks, the Executive Director of the New Zealand Poultry Industry Association.

“On average, New Zealanders eat about 31kg of chicken each per year and chicken has been the number one choice for protein for the past ten years at the supermarket. Consumption of chicken meat has more than doubled since accurate records began in 1986 when annual consumption was just 14kgs.”

The survey found the most popular New Zealand meal was roast chicken, with second place going to a mix of chicken meat and vegetables. Steak and vegetables came in third place, with chicken curries rounding out the top four.

Brooks says that reflects the ease of preparation for chicken but also the recognition by shoppers that chicken meat is a value-for-money source of lean protein.

Source: Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (PIANZ)