Chile’s chicken consumption up 6% in 2013

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Chile s chicken consumption up 6% in 2013
Chile s chicken consumption up 6% in 2013

In 2013, Chile’s chicken per person consumption grew 6% over the previous year, an increase of 30 kilos per capita, according to the annual report released by Chilean Poultry Producers Association (APA).

The price along with the nutritional qualities have allowed the consumption of chicken per person to grow steadily in recent years.

Domestic chicken consumption increased to 30 kg per capita, which marked a milestone during 2013 according to the APA. Making chicken the preferred protein source of Chileans.

Imported chicken accounted for 14% of Chilean’s consumption in 2013, the origin being Argentina, United States and Brazil.

In terms of exports, APA said that Chile in 2013 sold more than $234 million to various countries, the United States being the main destination, worth more than $70.

Chile exports specific chicken cuts, high-value cuts to the US market, however, they import lower-value cuts from the US, Brazil and Argentina. All these countries are now importing into Chile at zero tariffs under existing free trade agreements.

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