China prolongs anti-subsidy duties on US chicken

23-08-2016 | | |
<em>Photo: AFP / Philippe Lopez</em>
Photo: AFP / Philippe Lopez

China will maintain anti-subsidy duties on imports of US broiler chicken products for another 5 years starting from August 30, the country’s Chamber of Commerce has announced.

The decision was the result of an investigation launched after the previous 5-year duties expired last year. The investigation found that the domestic industry could be harmed if the duties stopped, local media Xinhau is reporting.

4% duty on US imports

In a statement on the MOC website, the ministry said anti-subsidy duties on the imports will be set at about 4%. Disputes over broiler chickens have been a major source of contention in the often tense trade relations between the world’s 2 largest economies.

US chicken dumped on Chinese market

China imposed anti-dumping duties on chicken products imported from the United States in September 2010, claiming that chickens were subsidised in the Unites States and then dumped on the Chinese market at below market prices.

The National Chicken Council in the US is yet to comment on the announcement.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects