Chirina selects HatchTraveller

19-09-2014 | | |
Chirina selects HatchTraveller
Chirina selects HatchTraveller

Georgian poultry integration Chirina; a partner of Hatchtech in Tbilisi, Georgia, has recently purchased a HatchTraveller HTV67200, for the transportation of their day-old-chicks to the broiler houses.

For years now Chirina is well acquainted with HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology as well as how fragile day-old-chicks are; performing significantly better at a later stage whenever they are kept under ideal environmental conditions after hatching.

Whenever day-old-chicks are transported under the right temperature, humidity and CO2- level, the new-borns will not waste valuable nutritional energy in the yolk, but utilize it completely for the further development of their physics, vital organs and their immunity system. Obviously this is the key factor in safe guarding chick quality.

Although Chirina’s broiler houses are within a radius of 50 km, still the unique features of the HatchTraveller which are securing the chick quality during transportation, are confident enough for Chirina.