Cobb continues cooperation with Veit Electronics

12-01-2015 | | |
Cobb continues cooperation with Viet Electronics
Cobb continues cooperation with Viet Electronics

Cobb Germany is to extend its vehicle fleet for day-old chick transport to fulfil an increased demand for Cobb parent stock in 21 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Their choice was led by previous favourable experiences with previous truck supplier, Veit Electronics.

Cooperation of these two companies began in 2007, when Cobb Germany bought its first Veit truck for 72,000 day-old chicks and made its first journey in quite untypical European hot weather of 39°C. The chicks were delivered in perfect conditions on that day and ever after in the following seven years.

Uwe Weidenmüller, hatchery manager at Cobb Germany, explains why they decided for Veit again: “Working with day old parent stock chicks requires the highest level of biosecurity and Veit trucks help us to fulfil today´s strict demands thanks to easy, comfortable and fast cleaning. Due to easy cleaning and user-friendly systems Veit trucks are preferred by our drivers. But perhaps even more important than comfort are the savings that we make on lower fuel consumption and simple maintenance.”

While the truck from 2007 is still operating, its seven year younger brother comes already from a new generation of Veit vehicles with improved and optimised airflow, stronger cooling and even easier cleaning. Quality-oriented companies, such as Cobb Germany values partners who seek the progress and who can prove it by their improvements and innovations. And so the cooperation between Cobb Germany and Veit successfully continues.