Cobb seminar in Canada focuses on breeders and broilers

11-04-2011 | | |

More than 150 producers and leaders from the British Columbian chicken industry took part in a seminar at Abbotsford organised by Cobb to provide technical expertise on breeder and broiler production.

Philippe Dufour, sales manager for Cobb in Canada, introduced the meeting outlining the history of the breed and the current research program before the participants split into separate groups focusing on breeder and broiler topics.

Ken Semon and Shawn Carlton, of Cobb-Vantress technical service, stressed the importance of meeting target weight gains during rearing and of managing nutrition throughout lay. 

Andrew Bourne and Dr Algis Martinez, of the Cobb world technical support team, spoke about detailed aspects of broiler management and health.

“We were impressed by the turnout,” said Dufour.  “It was our first seminar in BC open to all poultry producers and industry people, and the support shows our timing was right with people wanting to know more and more about our products, service and people.

“We hope they have learned something from us and they can certainly count on us for the service they deserve. And with the success of this first seminar, the BC poultry industry can expect more seminars from Cobb to keep people up-to-date with our genetic improvement.“

Source: Cobb-Vantress