Cobb-Vantress unveils new global distributor web-page

08-01-2015 | | |
Cobb-Vantress unveils new global distributor web-page
Cobb-Vantress unveils new global distributor web-page

Global broiler breeding company, Cobb-Vantress, has updated the distributor page on its website so users can navigate from a comprehensive world map and locate Cobb fully owned facilities, producers, and distributors.

Cobb commissioned the redesign to deliver a better user experience not only to distributors, but to customers worldwide.

“We are excited to provide the practical features that will help our users learn about the vast distribution network of Cobb products throughout the world,” said Clark Baird, marketing manager for North America.

The new page consolidates all regions into one global map, making navigation easier and improving the experience while accommodating the needs of each individual user.

Customers can now navigate by selecting different business regions and choosing to view distributors, producers or fully owned Cobb locations. The new map even displays the number of distributors and producers in each area. A simple click zooms in to the desired region.

Roger Vessell, world director of marketing for Cobb, commented: “Cobb is continuing to roll out phases of its digital media strategy to advance its global communications and meet the developing needs of employees and customers alike.”

Further facilitating the user experience are customer contact boxes with interactive links to web pages and email addresses.