Costa Rica exports eggs to stricken Mexico

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Costa Rica exports eggs to stricken Mexico
Costa Rica exports eggs to stricken Mexico

Egg producers from Costa Rica are to export their products to Mexico having received the approval of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA), Costa Rican news agency Tico Times has reported.

The four approved producers are ready to ship about 600,000 eggs, which represents the excess of local production, according to estimates by the National Poultry Chamber.

Costa Rican producers are hoping to take advantage of an opportunity created after avian influenza casued the death of thousands of birds in Mexico, leading to a shortage of poultry products in the country.

The National Poultry Chamber officials have however, acknowleged that the opportunity to export to Mexico will be temporary, lasting only until Mexican producers recover losses from bird flu. Officials have therefore already initiated contacts with other countries such as Colombia to send the surplus of local production, SENASA’s executive director, German Rojas stated.

Costa Rica’s Agriculture and Livestock Minister Gloria Abraham welcomed the new opportunities for domestic producers, saying, “This is a great chance to show the quality of our poultry production, which is at competitive levels and free of avian influenza.”

Last year, Costa Rican egg exports totaled $7 million, mostly to Nicaragua.


Source: The Tico Times

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