Costa Rican poultry company bought by Guatemalan group

19-01-2007 | | |

Grupo Multi Inversiones of Guatemala has purchased 100% of Propokodusa of Costa Rica.

Grupo Multi Inversiones also owns the Pollo Campero line of fast food restaurants.
Negotiations for this purchase started in 2003, but just recently concluded.
In 2005, Multi Inversiones bought Propokodusa, with the aim of exporting poultry meat from that country to the rest of Central America.  Pollo Campero has more than 175 restaurants in 9 countries and is expanding by 200 restaurants in new countries, foreseeing China as a new market for 2006.
Propokodusa is Costa Rica’s fifth largest broiler producer, producing over three million broilers a year. Propokodusa has a feed mill, hatchery and processing plant. Some of the production will now be destined to the Pollo Campero chain of chicken restaurants.
The Multi Inversiones group has broiler producing companies in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica, making it the largest broiler producer in Central America and one of the largest in all Latin America.
The Pollo Campero chain is extremely successful not only in Central America, but also has franchises in South America and the US.