CPF introduced on MySpace and Facebook

18-08-2008 | | |

In an effort to educate consumers about the Californian poultry industry, the California Poultry Federation has launched pages on the popular social networking sites of MySpace and Facebook.

“Young people are increasingly getting their information from social networking sites, information that is not always accurate,” said CPF communications director Mark Looker. “Establishing our own page on these sites allows us the chance to tell the story of the California poultry industry to this important audience who will be the future consumers of California poultry products.”
The pages have been introduced to “a new generation of people who will be a major component to the continued success of the industry”.
“We want to let them know the industry treats animals humanely and provides safe, quality products,” said CPF intern Matt Theis who designed the pages. “The more we educate the public, the more willing the public is to support the industry and provide it an opportunity to grow.”
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