Cryovac offers Whole Bird packaging for poultry

17-08-2011 | | |
Cryovac offers Whole Bird packaging for poultry

Cryovac, a subsidiary of food packaging company Sealed Air, has released its shrink overwrap solution Cryovac BDF Whole Bird which it states will keep poultry safe and fresh for longer, reducing waste and protecting consumers.

The barrier shrink film and hermetic seals eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by salmonella, campylobacter and other microorganisms to other goods. Modified atmosphere trapped in the pack extends the shelf life. The poultry stays – and looks – fresh for longer than with stretch overwrap packaging.

A longer shelf life also means less products to throw away in store because out-of date, so it guarantees better margin at retail store. In addition, the packaging itself is more environmentally friendly. A mere 25 microns thin, Cryovac BDF Whole Bird’s film has excellent shrink qualities that reduce the excess of material. More birds fit on the shelves and in shipping crates, cutting transportation and storage costs.

The solution is designed for a range of horizontal form fill seal systems, which can handle quick format changes and run at speeds of up to 50 packs per minute. The thinner, printed film sidesteps the need for labeling, delivering extra savings and environmental credentials.

Cryovac BDF, a thin, multilayer, polyolefin, fully coextruded shrink film with modified atmosphere can be combined with a broad variety of trays – or be used as a trayless overwrap.

Source: Sealed Air