Current avian flu damages to Mexico’s industry: €514,000

18-09-2012 | | |
Current avian flu damages to Mexico’s industry: €514,000

Latest analysis from the Mexican Poultry Association says that damage to the poultry industry from the recent bird flu outbreak has cost over 8.63 million pesos (€514,200).

Officially over 22.3 million birds have been slaughtered and 7,688 jobs lost.

The estimated cost to industry is due to decreased egg production, a fall in income and the knock–on effect on jobs, President of UNA, Crivelli Jaime Espinoza said.

The study was conducted on behalf of UNA by the Associate Economics Group and is entitled: Economic and Production Impacts of Avian Influenza in Los Altos in Jalisco.

The outbreak’s effects were felt across the country, as egg prices went sky high.

The Mexican poultry industry is working hard to keep egg production up to guarantee supply, and beginning to repopulate flocks.

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