Danisco introduces new enzyme combination for broilers

11-02-2011 | | |

Danisco Animal Nutrition has launched Axtra XAP in the US – a new feed enzyme combination for broilers.

The company claims a net feed cost savings of at least $7 per ton, in addition to those already gained from including phytase in the diet. Axtra XAP’s combination of xylanase, amylase and protease enzymes has been specifically designed for more complex corn-based broiler diets which contain phytase and higher fibre ingredients such as DDGS.

The product was launched at the International Poultry Exposition, Atlanta 2011 and is available as a free-flowing, low dust granule, thermostable to 203°F (95°C), capable of surviving the majority of feed manufacturing processes without compromising bioefficacy.

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