Delacon Biotechnik relies on precision from Schauer Agrotronic

10-11-2011 | | |
Delacon Biotechnik relies on precision from Schauer Agrotronic

Delacon Biotechnik located in Steyregg, Austria, celebrated the opening of a research and development centre near Znojmo in the Czech Republic on 19 October 2011.

This research and development centre in Stošíkovice analyses among other things a variety of feed additives, feed consumption and the emissions of farm animals such as pigs, laying hens and broilers.

“We decided to set up the test centre in order to find a way of improving livestock keeping and performance while reducing emissions at the same time,” explains Markus Dedl, Managing Director of the company Delacon Biotechnik. “The main goal now for Delacon Biotechnik is to find new plant-based active ingredients, their combination and type of application and to test whether they can be used successfully in animal production,” said Dedl.

When it comes to feeding and feed distribution, Delacon Biotechnik counts on the precision of Spotmix multiphase feeding from Schauer Agrotronic. The Spotmix feeding system is used to enable feed testing with extremely precise measuring data. Two parallel Spotmix systems are used to provide different animal categories with different recipes. There are 36 different upstream feed components consisting of 24 feed mixes and 12 different additives. The units supply a total of 184 feeding points in the pig and poultry area as required with the desired feed mixes, which are mixed and distributed residue-free with high precision using the predominantly series Spotmix multiphase feeding system.