Demand for ‘genuinely better’ Christmas turkeys spurs growth

09-08-2010 | | |
Demand for ‘genuinely better’ Christmas turkeys spurs growth

Renewed confidence in the traditional Christmas turkey market has led to increased poult sales this year, reports UK based FarmGate Hatcheries, one of the leading suppliers to this sector.

“Our poult sales are up 5.2% this year as there is confidence back in the market place after the expected reduction in demand last year did not materialise,” says managing director Paul Kelly. 

“More and more farmers are starting to realise that there is a steadily growing demand for good turkey at Christmas, as long as it is genuinely better.

“There will always be cheaper turkeys on the market. But trying to compete with these on price is not a viable option for the smaller producer who is rearing birds to maturity and then dry plucking and hanging to enhance the quality.”

He also reports that their KellyBronze Farmer scheme has recruited five more growers this year, with continuing new inquiries.

“We are putting more resources into developing this sector of our business in the coming year,” says Mr Kelly. “It provides the ideal entry into the premium market and we shall be looking to recruit 10 new KellyBronze farmers every year.”

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