Designer eggs to hit shelves in India

10-04-2007 | | |

Suguna Poultry Farm, is set to launch a range of designer eggs for beauty conscious consumers, as well as persons affected with diabetes and heart-disease.

“Sumegga Pro, the branded egg, will be bacteria-free, rich in protein and high on calorific value,” according Ravindran, Suguna‘s general manager. Speaking on the branded eggs and designer eggs, Ravindran said the company has forayed into the layer segment by joining hands with Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH of Germany.
The designer eggs are produced through a scientific method adopted for nurturing the layer with the right feed so that they lay high quality eggs. The composition of the feed leads to the desired composition of the eggs, according to Ravindran, adding the nutritive profile to the egg through enrichment in the diet, and not by use of drugs or hormones.
“They will be freshly picked from Suguna’s bio-secured layer farms. Besides, being graded according to weight, they will also carry a quality assurance certificate from Namakkal Veterinary College,” he added. The branded eggs will be priced higher than the ordinary egg owing to its cost of production.
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