Donstar commissions Russia’s largest duck farm

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Donstar commissions Russia's largest duck farm
Donstar commissions Russia's largest duck farm

Donstar, a business unit of Russian turkey breeder Evrodon, has launched the largest duck farm in Russia.

The first batch of 11,000 chicks of Peking duck (the modern breed of low-fat duck) were delivered to the two duck houses of Donstar on September 15, the press secretary of Evrodon, Alex Merkulov announced.

Totally 11,442 heads of ducklings were delivered: 2132 male and 9360 female and in February egg laying will start. The housing is fully automated: computers monitor air temperature, humidity, the sufficiency of water and food and diet compliance of birds, the company stated.

In November, the company plans to launch another production facility RM-2 near the rural community of Krivoy Rog, 5 km away from the first production facility RM-1.

Launching of the second facility RM-2 will allow another 23,000 heads of ducks. In January 2013 the company also plans to launch the third production facility RM-3. In parallel, it is currently carrying out the preparations for the launch of facility RS-1 (for breeding stock). The hatchery with the designed production capacity for 20 million hatching eggs per year is currently under construction. In mid-2013 it will open facilities for growing commercial duck herd. In May, the production begins.

In the first phase the total production capacity of the farm will amount to 20,000 tonnes of duck meat per year then in the second stage of the project it will be increased to 40,000 tonnes. The total investment of the project is 5 bln rub (US$ 170 mln). The project is financed by the Russian Agricultural Bank.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent