Dow launches campaign to educate on proper glutaraldehyde use

07-05-2012 | | |

Dow Microbial Control announces the launch of a comprehensive educational campaign called ‘Genuine Glutaraldehyde’.

The campaign promotes the benefits of glutaraldehyde as a versatile microbiocide,  with a wide variety of applications and advantages in microbial control. The campaign further sets out to educate the public, helping customers to distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit, ersatz product options.
Glutaraldehyde was first produced commercially in 1951, and is according to Dow, broadly efficacious, readily biodegradable and formaldehyde free, and is also non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bio-accumulative, which distinguishes it from many other biocides.
Over the past decade, counterfeiters have increasingly made and sold products that they claim are glutaraldehyde-based, but actually contain other ingredients, including formaldehyde and glyoxal. As a result, customers may be overcharged by as much as 50 to 200 percent, and businesses could be impacted by environmental, health and safety issues related to these blended products.
Dow Microbial Control has created a special website devoted to glutaraldehyde, which is accessible at . It features useful glutaraldehyde-related information, including links to technical documents and resources. The website also provides information to help customers ensure they are receiving genuine glutaraldehyde.

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