Drying poultry manure using inside ventilation air

31-10-2011 | | |
Drying poultry manure using inside ventilation air

VDL Agrotech introduced its innovative manure drying tunnel, PoulDry at the Dutch exhibition ‘Landbouw Vakbeurs’ in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

This industrial quality drying system dries manure up to 80% dry matter content within 72 hours and contributes to a considerable fine dust reduction of approximately 70%, the company states.

Perforated steel plates driven by a railchain transport the manure on the tunnel. Ventilation air from the poultry house is blown through the drying plates and the manure. The plates have a 35% perforated opening, allowing a fast and easy drying process. A turning spreader divides the manure evenly on the top layer of the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel the plate tilts and the manure is forced to drop to the underlying levels. Manure then moves in opposite direction. The automatically forced ‘drop tot the next level’ system prevents the manure from sticking to the plate.

The PoulDry is set up at the side or at the end of the house. The current maximum length of the machine is 33 metres. Operation is user friendly and the touchscreen can easily be controlled by an operator.

Source: VDL Agrotech