DSM poultry product receives Innov’Space award

31-10-2011 | | |

Rovimix Maxichick from DSM Nutritional Products received the 2011 Innov’Space award in recognition of its special value to the poultry industry.

Vérane Gigaud, Responsible for DSM’s poultry market development in France accepted the award at the closure of the first day of the 25th SPACE trade fair, held in Rennes, France, last month.

Rovimix® MaxichickTM is the combination of Rovimix ® Hy-D® (free-flowing spray-dried 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 powder) and Carophyll® Red 10 % (canthaxanthin in a corn starch-coated matrix). This combination of two already successful products, improves the fertility and hatchability of the breeder flocks while increasing the life expectancy of the hatching chicks, the company states. It delivers an observed return on investment of 4:1. Rovimix Maxichick is suitable for all poultry breeder types. Patent protection has been sought for this addition to DSM’s poultry feed portfolio and is currently pending.

Produced by DSM in the USA, Rovimix Hy-D is a unique vitamin D metabolite. It plays a major role in the mineral metabolism of breeding poultry and encourages the formation of a healthy skeletal structure. This makes chicks stronger and more persistent when they hatch out, which creates the conditions for a higher survival rate. Rovimix Hy-D also strengthens the immune system, likewise supporting the healthy growth of newborn chicks.

Carophyll Red 10 %, meanwhile – which is produced by DSM in France – is an effective antioxidant. It improves the fertility of hens and roosters alike by enhancing the antioxidant status of hens, egg yolks and embryos. Embryo mortality is reduced by over 30 per cent, and the one-day-old chick has better survival prospects.

Source: DSM