DSM publishes 12th edition of vitamin supplementation guidelines

01-03-2012 | | |

DSM Nutritional Products has announced the publication of the 12th edition of its Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines. This work has been a feed industry reference tool on optimum vitamin nutrition (OVN) levels for domestic animals such as poultry since the first edition’s appearance in 1958.

The DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines is reviewed every 4–5 years and provides an ongoing summary of best industry practice in meeting the vitamin needs of animals under commercial production.
The guidelines take into account advances in genetics, improvements in husbandry conditions and changes in feeding practices, including those driven by the regulator.
Scientific, commercial and practical considerations have an enormous influence on the discussion surrounding what constitutes basic vitamin levels for animal wellbeing. 
OVN is vitamin supplement in which the level of supplement administration is adjusted to optimum health and productivity targets, by taking into account the factors influencing animals’ feed requirements, ensuring that vitamin fortification does not limit performance.
The DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines provide supplementation ranges that are based on extensive academic and industry research, published requirements, and practical and commercial experience. 
  • The DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines can be found here
 The application “DSM vitamin supplementation guidelines” for iPhone will be soon available and for free download. The one for android systems will be announced at a later stage.
Gilberto Litta, global category manager vitamins – Animal Nutrition & Health at DSM, comments:
“In an increasingly competitive market, customers are looking for cost-effective feeding solutions that ensure maximum animal performance while meeting all relevant regulatory requirements.
“Depending on local conditions and feeding practices, a cost:benefit ratio in excess of 1:4 can be considered a good average picture achieved by the application of OVN levels. The DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines provide expert and up-to-date guidance on best industry practice, supporting animal performance, health and well-being while offering an excellent return on the investment represented by vitamin fortification.”

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