Dutch investors drawn to Zambia’s poultry industry

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Dutch investors drawn to Zambia s poultry industry
Dutch investors drawn to Zambia s poultry industry

Investors from the Netherlands have been attracted to Zambia’s underdeveloped poultry sector and the Dutch government is currently studying opportunities with a view to advising companies in that country.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe, which oversees Dutch interests in Zambia, has commissioned a study of investment opportunities in the poultry sector in the country on the viability of the market.

Prospective poultry export markets

AgriProFocus Zambia, in collaboration with the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ), has been assigned to implement the study in Zambia which aims to provide basic information on the current and prospective poultry export markets for companies based in Zambia.

“Information about areas that hold investment potential in the poultry sector is very scant. In addition, very little is documented about the interest of Zambian investors in local and international poultry industry partnerships,” a launch statement said.

Opportunities for Dutch poultry business to invest

The statement goes on to say that the initiative will identify strengths and opportunities within Zambia’s poultry sector, as well as identify opportunities for Dutch poultry business to trade and invest with Zambian partners. The study will also provide information on import tariffs and non-tariff measures on poultry products entering Zambia.

“The study will generate market intelligence on investment opportunities in the poultry sector to improve competitiveness of Zambian poultry in domestic and regional markets precursor to attract investment from Dutch businesses,” the statement concludes.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail