Early salmonella detection product available

08-03-2007 | | |

In most cases, perishable foods are packaged and shipped before test results for pathogens become available. QuikAlert, was developed as a method of detecting food borne pathogens directly from a food product before it is packaged or shipped.

Introduced by Zonda Inc., QuikAlert is able to detect harmful organisms in a matter of minutes, and may be used to help detect salmonella.
With QuikAlert, a swab is used to sample a food product, and after 20 minutes a reagent is added to the tip of the swab. After two minutes, a purple color on the tip of the swab indicates a positive result designating the presence of potentially dangerous pathogens.
“We are marketing QuikAlert to a broad range of potential customers in the worldwide food and beverage industry,” said Laurie J. Oleksiewicz, president of Zonda.

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