Eco Animal Health antibiotic for poultry gets FDA approval

12-07-2012 | | |

Eco Animal Health Group, a global veterinary pharmaceutical specialist with headquarters in London, UK, has announced that the FDA has approved their product Aivlosin, a water soluble antibiotic for poultry and pigs.

The Food and Drugs Administration’s approval is a first for Eco in the US and follows last year’s approval by Canadian regulators. Eco can now roll out Aivlosin as a global veterinary product.

Aivlosin is used for the treatment of respiratory and enteric (gut) diseases in poultry and pigs. It is a water soluble product produced in granule form. Given that it dissolves readily in water, large numbers of animals can be treated simultaneously.

Analysts suggest that with the US approval Eco could gain a 10 per cent share of the global antibiotic market for pigs and poultry, another potential use for Aivlosin, while further development of the drug into an anti-viral product for animals could add more potential revenues.

Eco has been waiting for US approval for some time, but has been hampered by a backlog of work at the FDA. Eco chairman Peter Lawrence said: “This key milestone follows some 12 years of investment in product development and regulatory activity in North America.”

Eco established a joint venture sales and marketing company, Pharmgate Animal Health the US in 2010 to prepare for its launch.