Efrat’s Ross successful seminar in Turkey

16-07-2009 | | |

Efrat Broiler Breeders Ltd, Aviagen’s Ross 308 grandparent distributor in Israel, recently held a technical seminar in Istanbul, Turkey.

The seminar was attended by over 40 of Efrat’s PS and broiler customers and focused on maximising their Ross 308 PS and broiler performance.

All attendees were keen to hear the latest technical advice, as well as genetic, nutrition and veterinary updates. Practical hints and tips for general management were offered and discussed and the event closed with an extremely lively question and answer session.

Jim McAdam, UK Breeding Programme Director: “We put a great deal of energy into supporting our customers and their ambitions through technical advice and support as well as our literature which is released regularly. However, it is very important to us to meet our customers face to face so they can share their experiences within the forum and benefit from each others’ experience and the latest technical advice.”

Boaz Shkedi, Efrat’s General Manager: “All those who attended found it a rewarding and a valuable experience and the meeting provided information that will help us to further improve the performance of our Ross 308 birds.“

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