EFSA Biohazard panel on reducing Salmonella in turkeys

31-05-2012 | | |

The European Food Safety Authority panel on Biological Hazards has published a Scientific Opinion modelling the current contributions of turkeys and other animal –food resources to human salmonellosis.

The ‘Turkey Target Salmonella Attribution Model’ estimates that 2.6% of the cases of human salmonellosis is attributable to turkeys, with 10.6% taken up broilers, 17% by laying hens (eggs), and 56.8% by pigs.

The panel estimates that by targeting the most prevalent Salmonella substypes (servars) in fattening turkeys contributing to human salmonellosis would lead to an 83% reduction, representing a 2.2% reduction in all human salmonellosis cases in Europe.
Turkeys acquire Salmonella from both breeding stock in the hatchery and by vertical transmission, requiring that any attempt at Salmonella control must target all flocks: breeding, rearing, and fattening.