Egg coating solution enters market

04-04-2008 | | |
Egg coating solution enters market

OvaGuard, developed in Thailand, is now ready for world market entry.

Following 7 years of trial and error, OvaGuard, developed by Kasetsart University professor Dr Panuwat Suppakul, is the first cellulose-based natural egg coating solution that extends shelf-life up to 120 days.
Additionally, the product is reported to be safe from bacterial contamination and can reduce nutrition loss by 50%.
According to Dr Panuwat, the egg coating solution is water resistant, with anti-microbial properties, and can be applied immediately after the fresh eggs are washed and dried. The eggs can be packaged and marketed with safety guarantees.
OvaGuard, developed by a team of Thammasat University graduate students working with Dr Panuwat, is now ready for worldwide commercial introduction. As a first step in the marketing of the product, a presentation will be made at the New Venture Championship Competition at the University of Oregon, 10 – 12 April 2008..