Elanco improves poultry tonic to boost producer profits

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Elanco has launched a new poultry product that it thinks could prove just the tonic for the poultry industry in the face of rising fuel and feed costs.

Following on from the acquisition of Janssen Animal Health, Elanco has improved the former company’s existing poultry tonic. Elanco Poultry Tonic HD Plus contains new ingredients – a vitamin D3 metabolite and a natural antioxidant blend – that aim to support birds during the most demanding periods of productivity, during growth and peak laying. One study has demonstrated as much as a 5:1 return on investment can be made as a result of supplementing the D3 metabolite alone.

The vitamin D3 metabolite has been shown to increase egg weights (by around 2%) and improve feed conversion and feed intake. It is more available to the body than vitamin D3, which plays a role in calcium metabolism (and therefore egg production). The benefits are significant for commercial egg producers but also for hatcheries, as egg size correlates with chick weight. The metabolite can also improve bone strength, potentially resulting in healthier, more robust poults.

The new antioxidant blend contains natural preparations of vitamins that are better absorbed and used in the body, as well as more complex antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, such as flavanoids, polyphenols and carotenoids. Antioxidants mop up free radicals produced by day-to-day metabolism, which would otherwise cause cell damage or play active roles in the development of some diseases. The requirement for antioxidants can be increased in certain physiologically stressful situations – such as when additional demands are placed on the body by production.

Elanco’s new Poultry Tonic HD Plus is suitable for layers, broilers, breeders and turkeys and is available from vets and animal health retailers. The company is also launching Game Bird Tonic HD Plus at the same time.

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