Energy from chicken manure

17-06-2010 | | |
Energy from chicken manure

At VIV Europe, Big Dutchman introduced a thermo chemical conversion (gasification) system which transforms biomass like poultry manure, into energy.

The secret is that, except for nitrogen, all the components which are important for fertilisation are preserved in the residual ash. Thus, dual use is achieved, independently of wind and sunshine, says Big Dutchman.

The manure is dried, pressed into pellets and conveyed to a thermo chemical converter (gasifier) where it is converted into gas by means of thermo chemical conversion (gasification).

The only by-product which remains is ash, which is a valuable fertiliser. Subsequently the energy produced in this way is processed in the combined heat and power plant (CHP) to generate electricity and heat. Furthermore, in addition to chicken manure, other by-products such as from biogas plants or sugar cane can also be used for the same purpose.

The amount of energy produced in a 150 kW thermochemical converter (gasifier) allows to supply thermal energy for 25 households for more than one year (maximum 10 kW heat output) and to provide 200 households one year long with electricity (at an annual average use of 0.75 kW per household).