Estonia to construct large poultry processing plant

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Estonia to construct large poultry processing plant
Estonia to construct large poultry processing plant

Tallegg, one of Estonia’s largest poultry producers has announced the construction of a new poultry processing plant.

The 6500m2 plant will cost € 7.8 million and will be completed in August 2013. On completion the company will transfer the whole system of poultry processing from slaughterhouse to logistics to Tabasalu, where the new plant will be based.

The new plant will provide processing of 20,000 tonnes of poultry per year, opening up opportunities for export to Latvia, Lithuania, Scandinavia and Asia, representatives of the company announced.

According to the chairman of Tallegg, Teet Soorma, the construction of a new plant in Tabasalu is a part of continuation work on the reconstruction of slaughterhouses and industrial buildings which began two years ago.

“In the first stage we built a system to provide accelerated cooling, improved storage and preservation of the better taste of poultry, as well as a cutting room with all necessary equipment. We have also built a new substation, wastewater treatment system and increased capacity for the production of frozen poultry meat, which was a necessary precondition for the transfer of production units from Looe to Tabasalu” said Soorm.

The construction of the new plant will significantly improve the efficiency and safety of poultry products, since the entire production chain will operate in the same place, Soorm concluded.

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