EU member states in breach of cage ban legislation

22-12-2011 | | |
EU member states in breach of cage ban legislation

EU member states which fail to comply with the imminent battery cage egg ban have been warned they face legal action.

EU Health Commissioner John Dalli told MEPs that letters have been sent to thirteen identified member states that have made ‘little or no effort’ to conform to the new laws, informing them they will be taken to court.

The member states already found to be in breach of new rules are: Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

Commission inspection teams are ready to go ‘all out’ from January 1, Dalli confirmed. The inspections teams will collect evidence of non compliance to back up prosecutions when they go to court.

The European Commission has been heavily criticised for its own failure to take firmer action to force member states to comply with the ban and to prevent trade in illegally produced eggs between member states after the legislation coming into effect in January.